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Thimble Speech Pathology

Speech Pathology for Stroke and Brain Injury

In-home speech therapy on the Gold Coast.

Thimble Speech Pathology provides mobile speech pathology services to the Gold Coast and surrounding areas. This means you are able to access speech therapy in the comfort of your own home and out in your local community.

Our mission is to help people use and improve their communication skills in meaningful, real-life situations.

We focus on helping adults, adolescents, and children who have acquired brain injuries, with a special interest in working with people with aphasia.

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How we can help

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Speech and Language

The term 'speech' refers to the sounds that we say, i.e., how the words sound when they come out. 'Language' refers to our understanding and expression of words, their meanings, and how they fit together. People with brain injuries can have trouble with their speech (such as dysarthria and apraxia) and language (such as aphasia).

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Cognitive Communication

When we talk about cognitive communication, we mean the aspects of thinking (cognition) that impact on communication. This can include the amount of time it takes to process information, memory, reasoning, problem-solving, and attention, to name a few.
Your speech pathologist can help you find out if cognitive communication therapy is right for you.

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Dysphagia (difficulties with swallowing) can occur after a brain injury. 

A speech pathologist can help identify and manage swallowing issues through therapy and using person-centred strategies.

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Referring to Other Services

Not sure if Thimble is the right service for you? That's okay - we are happy to share our knowledge and refer you to other services to suit your needs or location. 

We're lucky to know a variety of other service providers, such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, psychology, art therapy, and dietetics. Any of these can be valuable to recovery from stroke or brain injury. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you'd like some referral options, or to chat about how these services may be helpful.

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Thimble Speech Pathology is unfortunately not able to take new referrals at this time. 

Tess is currently on maternity so may not see your message. Thanks for your patience.

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