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About Thimble

Tess Hallett


MSpPathSt; BComms

Certified Practising Speech Pathologist

My mantra is:

If I can make someone's life even slightly better or easier, then do it.

I'm Tess. I'm a neurodivergent speechie with a love of books, nature, and cold weather.  I have worked in the area of acquired and traumatic brain injury for six years, providing home-based and community therapy. I started Thimble in 2021 so I could offer my clients (and myself) more flexibility and choice. I feel passionately about my clients' rights to communicate and I aim to provide evidence-based therapy and education that makes a difference in their lives.

My favourite thing about my work is being able to go into a person's home and see where we can make a real and positive impact in their everyday routines and activities.

My love of language and learning is something I fuse into my work, and hope to use to help others.

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